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It has always been believed that Sanskrit was created and then refined over many generations, typically over more than a thousand years, until it was considered complete and perfect in all respects. Sanskrit was not conceived as a specific language set apart from other languages, but as a particularly refined manner of speaking.

However, both forms of Sanskrit bear remarkable degrees of similarity with each other, with points of difference occurring mostly in the areas of phonology, vocabulary, and grammar.

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Recipient of many medals and honours, He is at once a Physician, an astrophysicist and an applied mathematician. He is an author who has numerous publications, both technical and educational.

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Ancient Indian history, geology and archaeology also attracted his attention. Besides Medicinal Science, he is keenly interested in ancient Indian philosophy. Rupnathji is more than a scientist. He is a physicist-philosopher as well versed in Sanskrit, English Hindi and Bengali literature as in physics.

University Professor Language Specialist Dr.

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Rupnathji Dr. Rupak Nath is an Expert in Sanskrit Grammer. Rupnathji is the collector and publisher of many old works, author of many research articles, a noted historiographer, and recipient of a number of awards and titles. Besides the knowledge of Sadhnas, Tantra, Mantra and Yantra, he resurrected Astrology to its past glory by making astoundingly precise forecasts in general and for individuals; and he authored no less than books on this subject.

He was an authority on Allopathy and set up special farms to grow the almost extinct herbs. Many disciples mastered the science of Ayurveda under him.

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He has also released hundreds of audio and video cassettes to detail the exact procedures of performing worship and to record the authentic sound vibration and pronunciation of the Mantras. Many of his articles have been published in leading newspapers and magazines. You are methodical, or decline may form unlucky chinese zodiac love compatibility. Now in their early forties.

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