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How will you be able to talk about your day later if you didn't really experience it in the first place? You'll pursue your passion long after the others have given up.

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You'll spend time with people who possess a similar mental and physical toughness. In February, you'll be rewarded for hanging in there. Life may feel out of balance through the spring, but you won't mind because you're so involved. Pisces and Sagittarius people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 50, 22, 15, 9 and Check out website for upcoming travel dates take care and stay safe remember you can add me as a friend on face book Maggie sinton.

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Today's horoscope - Burlington Free Press. Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Lunar effect, Pholus synastry and Chiron-Ascendant. Scientists have studied the effect of the full moon and they found that there were less births in the weekends:. The old belief that there are more children born when the moon is full, has been proven wrong.

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In our days, children are born between 9 and 5 from Monday to Friday, if the doctors had it their way. It is more convenient and it can be done without harming the mother or the child, so why not. But now I will never know if there would be a natural tendency for more births at Full Moon not all, just some more. Maybe it is not so, not even in the middle of the jungle without electricity or doctors.


Who cares about the position of the moon, anyway, these days? I remember that I was on the road at night. I parked and watched a partial lunar eclipse a cloud hanging before the moon and I noticed that nobody noticed. They were eating, drinking, checking tires, walking dogs, going to the toilets Keep reading.

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It is said that astrology and horoscopes through psychic readings will help us with a lot of aspects in life. It allows us to see what the most probable things that may happen are.

Also, such readings may give us enlightenment as to what things are best to be done and how to make the most of the things that we have. Astrology can touch on life, love, relationships, as well as career. Career can give satisfaction to people. If it goes well, then there may be abundance and contentment. That is why people try to do everything they can to have fulfilled careers and ambitions. Astrology can be a great help here especially if you consider the 10th house in astrology.

The Tenth House Ruled by Saturn, it represents one's ambitions, hunger for power, aspiration, authority, and fortune. It determines whether we rule others or if we get ruled by others. Through life's different stages, the ambitions of man change. The Tenth House is also known as the house of "downfalls" because it …. Pholus is an asteroid, a small object that pops up in a chart as the catalyst. But what starts as a tiny thing can grow out of proportions, like the sudden rise of an X-factory star. News Corp. Retrieved June 9, Retrieved November 1, Tegna Press release.

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