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More questions. Whatis the exact meaning of t-sunami? May I know the exact meaning of this?

What are Rakshasa Gana, Dev Gana & Manushya Gana?

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What does kip mean? How would you paraphrase "is still a cause that requires everyone's contribution" in the text below? What does "I possessed the means" mean?

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What's the word in English called? When one covet and crave a child sexually? Can anyone please tell me what does it mean when someone says "we are under the ox" in a drowning situation? If both bride and bridegroom are born in the same Gana then the matching is supposed to be the best. In the Gana matching this combination gets 4 out of 4 points.

Bibliography in: Shabbatai Donnolo's <i>Sefer Ḥakhmoni</i>

The next best is between Deva-Manushya and Manushya-Rakshasa. This gets a score of 2 out of 4 points.

গন বিচার করে বিবাহ । কোন কোন গনে বিবাহ দেওয়া উচিত । wedding advice

The last and worst combination is Deva-Rakshasa which gets a score of 0 out of 4 points. This is as per the detailed South Indian Dasha Koota matching system. They have conspicuous veins. This sign includes the last two charans of Chitra, Swati and three charans of Vishakha Nakshatras.

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They are logical with their nature and are dominated by balance and harmony. They are sensitive, curious, will - principled, gentle, critical, good in perception, but are intolerant.

Charming and easily mixing with people around are their sterling qualities. They are pious and spiritual. They are logical and as such balance all their deeds and relations with logic. They speak less but believe more in action.