Cancer man cancer woman marriage compatibility

I have met a Cancer man; we have not been out on a date yet, because he works a lot. We did go to the park and he was such a gentlemen. He did tell me that he like me and wanted me to know that. I praying that all will go well between us.. I am a cancer woman July 14 dating a cancer man July What they say about cancer compatibility is so true, my cancer man showers me with sweet texts,compliments, and is the sweetest man I have ever dated.

In fact we share the same birth date. Cause 16 years is how long ive been in mine, I too am a cancer woman with cancer man with the same birthdate. I was dating a cancer man for a month and he told me he was in love with me and obsessed! He had gotten us a place for the 1st of March and said he could see us together forever. She decided she now wants to be with him probably not for long and he went back to her. I love and adore my Cancer man.

No one has ever had my back like him. She is 5he greatest thing that ever happened to me. I would give it back I even wish we could be bury in the same casket.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

If she passes on first I will lose all will to live. She is the love of my life The light of our marriage and Even the light at the end of the tunnel. With just one creator in my heart she stands beside the creator! I always felt it was something wrong with me because time and time i think alot about my future and the dream man. Recently i connect with a Cancer who i didnt realize was a cancer until some time now DONT JUDGE ME me and him have real conversations and its not always about sex its serious real life conversation and at times i have to ask my self is he in my head but this cancer is a little diffrent.

He looks like the Instagram famous type of men, with women throwing there self at him, and little old me is a beautiful girl but im not Angelina Jolie or Nicki Minaj. Our relationship dont feel steady and its not even a relationship, basically hes my partner Emotionally but i want it to be Phisically i really adore him. I also have my head on my shoulders i work a goverment job and things are really looking nice my me i just wish he would ask me. The problem i do have is im slight territorial but i dont show that side and hes not constant with communication i refuse to double text or call someone.

If you know who partynextdoor is then you can use him as an example of his lifestyle. See I have a sagittarius little brother and best friend. See Im more wild and adventurous then them. Like I show more compassion than them. I am a Cancer woman with a Sagittarius moon, my boyfriend is a Cancer man with a Cancer moon. Instantly I was attracted to his romantic, chivalrous nature, it was very easy to fall in love and from the beginning there was this cozy bubble of security and understanding that follows us everywhere.

Communication is easy, fun even. Word games, innuendos, a way of speaking that is our own. Mutually knowing when to say nothing at all and just sitting together is blissful understanding. Sharing an intense love for music, in our more melancholy moods we can communicate through music. Which makes trust a very natural, and organic experience that is in and of itself very rewarding. Sharing ideas for the future and making goals is an everyday part of life for us.

Everything from building our own home in the future, to opening or own business, to where we want to retire when we get old. I never question his love or loyalty. I feel it in every fiber of my being and I hope that he feels the same. Well Cancer woman wish you were my woman.

I deffinately know how to show my emotional affection. Look at that a little more in that way a rational way. She was the worst for me emotionally. At least they are willing to listen and change their ways to try to understand you. What I read its so true, I am involve with cancer man and I am cancer what I find very strange I always fall in love with cancer man are there any possibities that cancer attract other cancer if that so its owesome neh.

I m a cancer lady…had met a cancer man, felt so comfortable as colleagues n each time got impressed by him…. I was feeling the exact same as you do and going through the exact same cycles with my ex-leo-man for 2 years. Everything after the first year seemed to go gradually downhill but I loved him and knew he loved me…. I too felt as though I was being selfish or wanting too much but finally realized that I wasnt asking for much we had a very comfortable lifestyle material-wise but his affections and to be treated t as a priority…to be heard and comforted instead of feeling ignored and left behind.

Over and over again this happened. On that note, the dating world is tough…I want more than anything to be settled but I am personally not willing to settle for a life like my ex-leo and I had.

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Just too stressful. Hope things are better by you and that maybe some of this helped… at least in not feeling as though you are the only one feeling this way. I wonder! My cancer man and I enjoy eachothers conpany and thoughts. But we always make up afterwards. Our connection and attraction was imminent since we firsr became friends , now we cant stand to be away from eachother. We both have our crazy mood swings , with extreme tempers , but he knows how to get me calm and keep me that way.

This is true! But sometimes, the cancer man can be selfish.

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Only thinking of himself. Cancer-cancer relationship can work if both people are ready to love each other regardless and willing to forgive any wrong doing. Hey, I am a cancer women married to a sagittarius man. I love him dearly and have about 99 pecent of what any women would want.

Home car etc, but I am often left to be lonly and blue. There is no spark in our relationship, no passion. I cry and get really mad. We do the same dance as always and then we get over it and begain a gain. I would prefer to spend time with him. He is a kind and good man I love him very much. I too was married to Sag and he was everything any women would want as far as being a provider and being faithful. However, he was not affectionate at all!!!!! I am a Cancer woman with a Cancer man…. Same birthday even for going on 17 years. This attitude carries over into relationships: Like their cherished possessions and material comforts, Cancer never hesitates to defend a loved one if threatened.

The energy of this instinct creates a warm, secure home environment, a perfect love nest for the growing and cultivation of a healthy relationship. Cancer is a Water Sign. Instinct and emotion drive this relationship. Hence, that Crabby shell in which they hide themselves when frightened or overwhelmed. This Watery element of their nature can protect them and their loved ones from the harsh realities of the outside world.

Cancer is a Cardinal Sign. The Crab is not shy about getting exactly what they want from their partner. The protecting feral beast within is the first emotional element to leap forward under stress or a threat to the pack. However, these bursts of emotion may overwhelm a Cancer and crush their tender feelings. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is sweet but is also sensitive.

She can be possessive with the person she loves and she does not take criticisms and rejections well.

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Being in love with a Cancer man, a Cancer woman finds a partner willing to accept her with all her sentiments and insecurities since both of them are sentimental and sensitive. Both seek for security and love from their partners. As for the woman, she sometimes can linger over trivial things and be eaten up by her insecurities but she can be pleased easily.

Once she feels that she is well-loved and important, she becomes a happy person and pleasing to be with. These two people have an exciting and romantic kind of relationship. Both love to show affection whenever and wherever they want to.

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  • In their intimate moments, the Cancer man gives his partner the attention and security she yearns for while the Cancer woman will do anything to make the experience sensual and special that he gladly welcomes. When these two people decide to commit, they can both sustain a long-term commitment and will do anything to keep it that way.

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